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"I was skeptical at first and thought that this course may be 'goofy'...boy was I wrong! You sold me on it...there are so many things you can do with magic therapy. I learned a lot AND had a boat load of FUN. You both did a great job...and Debbie you really brought it home in terms of how to keep it therapeutic and with a goal. Thank you both for a WONDERFUL course."

Tamera Sven, COTA / L
Billings Clinic

"I loved this course and would recommend it to anyone! Hilarious...Fun...Practical...And very Functional."

Tamra Anderegg, OTR / L
Spectrum Medical

"Debbie was GREAT! The course was many treatment ideas...information was very well balanced."

Jennifer Rees-Gross, PT
Physical Therapy Coordinator
Omaha, Nebraska

"This was such a wonderful day. I have so many new (and fun) activities to bring back with me to the clinic. Great job...Great course!"

Teresa Stevens
Program Director / Rehabcare

"You guys were so much fun to work with. I love the magic and can't wait to use it with my patients. Finally...a workshop that kept everyone awake and actively involved in the lecture. Great job you guys..."

Renee Lund, OT
Community Medical Center

"It was all just too amazing! I can definitely see myself using this in my acute care setting. The scarf juggling will work out great with our short exercise program. Thanks for presenting information that I WILL USE and at a low cost."

Nancy Clark, OT / L
St. James Healthcare

"I can honestly say that I have never laughed so hard and had so much fun while learning so much! Your workshop was definitely worth it...I will highly recommend this my co-workers."

Holly Kassner, COTA / L
Epicenter Therapy

"This was a breath of fresh air. I LOVED the humor throughout the course. The dynamics between you two was fabulous. I can't ever remember a full day course going by so quick. Thanks for all the practical / usable ideas."

Julie Garpestad, OT
Spectrum Medical

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