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"What Medical Professionals Around The World Have To Say About Our Workshops..."

"Cody and Debbie Fisher are a dynamic duo! They have been guest lecturers over the last three years presenting their workshop, "Magic As A Therapeutic Modality" to my students studying to be occupational therapy assistans. Debbie Fisher, MS OTR CHT brings creativity and theoretical knowledge in correlating the use of magic as a medium therapeutic agent to the OT practice framework, demonstrating simple user friendly techniques to promote fine motor skills, upper extremity strength and coordination. The students were able to master the techniques and apply them to their clinical experiences. Documentation and billing procedures were also discussed!

Cody dazzled the students with his humor and finesse in performing magic tricks that could easily be mastered by the student and applied in a therapeutic setting. Cody with his strong educational background provided course objectives, handouts and a DVD which markedly enhanced the learning experience. The students and I gained insight into new treatment techniques that would enhance patient care, providing the just right challenge and TONS of laughter. The students and I ALWAYS look forward to this educational presentation...Highly Recommended!"
Kim Taylor, OTR / CHT
Associate Professor
Occupational Therapy Department / ACC

"Debbie and Cody have found a GREAT way to improve patient compliance with hand therapy exercises! By using sleight of hand tricks to improve dexterity, as well as providing motivation and distraction for the patient, the results are entertaining for all. More importantly the results have a functional basis and carry over to all aspects of self-care. The equipment is easily found in any therapy clinic and isn't expensive to use or issue. You two are GREAT together!"

Jennifer Sanders, MS OTR / CHT
Brackenridge Hospital

The use of magic fosters an individual's ability to assume a role to entertain and to have self efficacy. The underlined concepts in magic target areas of motor, psychosocial, cognitive and sensory processing that lend themselves well to intervention and make themselves occupationally based. It has meaning and gives pleasure by allowing the patient to entertain others.

Carolyn Baum, PhD, OTR / L, FAOTA

In well over a decade of attending continuing education seminars, this was clearly THE BEST in-service from both an educational and an entertainment perspective. Extremely well prepared and well presented. It was dynamic, energizing, and a VERY positive reminder of how we can impact and transform the world around us. Emerson advised for people to 'scatter joy'.This in-service provided some nice seeds. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and your talents.

Kevin Charbonneau, OT
Genesis Rehabilitation Services

"This was THE BEST workshop I have ever attended! It was so much FUN...I love that the workshop included the audience so was very refreshing. I can not wait to start using these new tools for treatment. Thank you so much for the wonderful insight."

Merry Lee Hooks, OT

"This has to be the most fun I have ever had at any workshop. You guys did a great job teaching us magic tricks and explaining how they can be used in therapy. I would recommend this any medical professional."

Cara Sargent, OTR / L
Immanuel Lutheran Corporation


"Thank you for the most useful workshop I've attended in years. Your team teaching style was well organized, concise, thorough, and with a great mix of lecture and 'hands-on'. The information you shared will be of great benefit to the majority of my case load and will add a lot of fun to my treatment approaches. Thank you for sharing this wonderful new tool with us...MAGNIFICENT...MARVELOUS...(almost) MIRACULOUS!"

Shelbi Bowersok, OTR / L
Rehab Manager
Heritage Place


"Debbie is VERY talented, knowledgeable, and interesting. I would definitely attend another one of her workshops when available. She is very energetic, helpful, and professional."

Mark Suiter, PT
Cedar Rapids Iowa

"What a wonderful seminar! I found the material very applicable to a large variety of patients. This was the 'funniest' workshop I have ever been to!"

Dawn Braach, OTR / L
Partners In Home Care

"I was pleasantly surprised by your workshop. I recall thinking scarf juggling would be a perfect fit for therapy...but never implemented it. After seeing all the can be done with it...I am more excited about it!"

Doren L. Alli, OT / Supervisor
Park Place Health Care Center

"I had so much fun (and learned a lot too) at your workshop. You guys are so entertaining, talented, and full of great ideas. I can't wait to get back to work on Monday and try out my new magic tricks. I almost chose the cadaver workshop instead...I am glad I didn't...I heard they all fell asleep! Thanks guys make a great team!"

Shellie Pitman, COTA / L
Heritage Place

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