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Here you will find several complimentary videos of inexpensive fun / functional treatments and other therapy pearls. 


Note: To access the instructional videos for Therapy Scarves, Dexterity Balls, and Auditory Biofeedback Squeakers you will need the URL and password that is printed on the packaging for these products. 

E-Z Wrist Exerciser

Cubital Tunnel Splint

Easy Method For Tying Shoes

Rock Taping For Carpal Tunnel

Rock Taping For Scaring

Alternative Strapping Ideas

Splinting With Duck Tape

Therapeutic Finger Knitting

Rock Taping For DeQuervains

Rubber Band Ball Exerciser

DMF Scar Taping Technique

EZ Elbow / Wrist Extension Block

Rubber Band Yo Yo

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