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Orthotic Solutions For Upper Extremity Fractures

This intermediate level, one-day program establishes knowledge in the selection and fabrication of appropriate orthoses (splints) in the treatment of patients with hand and upper extremity fractures.  Protocols for upper extremity fractures and related surgical repairs which require the use of an orthosis will be reviewed, along with current literature. 

Through demonstration and strong emphasis on skill-building lab sessions, you will master the art of fabricating 6 custom low-temperature thermoplastic orthoses (splints) for UE fractures, and selecting pre-fabricated options for humeral fractures, and pronation/supination. Gain practical experience handling a variety of low-temperature thermoplastics and understand how to choose appropriate material based on molding properties, anatomy and desired function. 

During the hands-on lab sessions, the course instructor will evaluate each orthosis fabricated to determine proficiency of 3/5 correct using 5 variables as listed in the objectives. Each participant will also evaluate and score completed orthoses. A post-test at the end of the course is used to evaluate new knowledge. At the end of the course each participant will be given a course evaluation and a self reflective questionnaire.

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