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Using Magic Therapy and Other Creative, Interactive Treatments to

Maximize Functional Outcomes


The job of a therapist is never easy. Trying to find inexpensive and innovative methods that keep clients focused and excited about participating in the rehabilitation process can be a challenge.  Regardless of age, patient interest and participation is vital to the rehab process. Salient and “skilled dependent” treatments cannot only help improve compliance with home exercises, but be the key to maximizing neuroplasticity, physical performance, and ultimately function.  Finding truly dynamic and novel treatment techniques that can travel with you to all types of settings and populations can be a true asset for health care providers. Many providers seek a creative boost to meet their client’s unique needs while having fun and remaining motivated at the same time. Maximizing functional outcomes demands “thinking outside of the box” when traditional treatments fall behind.

Attend this one-day seminar and learn how to make even your most resistant clients excited about rehab! Participants will learn how magic, juggling, & other interactive treatment techniques can be used therapeutically to enhance cortical remapping, gross & fine motor skills, balance, sensory motor, communication skills, socialization, cognition, proprioception, etc. These techniques can be integrated with little to no added cost and in a variety of settings.  Find out how to integrate these “skilled dependent” treatments can maximize outcomes and can be easily integrated into the outpatient, inpatient, school settings, SNF, home health, etc.  Attendees will also discover how these innovative treatments can enhance rapport with their clients, challenge and even entertain them- helping with carry over outside of the therapy session.   This course is a must as another tool in your tool box for any professional that is interested in enhancing patient outcomes and putting the FUN back into function!


Learning Objectives:

1.       Discuss how magic, juggling, and other “skilled dependent” therapies have been used historically as well as in current times as an effective therapeutic tool for children, adults, and the geriatric population in a variety of clinical settings

2.       Identify how to customize specific conjuring and juggling techniques to be used with a variety of disorders to improve functional skills including:  enhancing balance, proprioception, weight shifting, crossing midline, problem solving, coordination, visual tracking, cognitive processing, ROM, socialization, speech, reaction time, etc.

3.      List therapy interventions that can be motivating, promoting mass repetition to achieve goals and drive neuroplasticity to improve motor skills

4.      Compare and contrast how a variety of innovative treatments including the use of auditory disks and visual biofeedback treatments can help with such diagnosis as toe walkers, CVA, Parkinson’s, learning disabilities, attention deficit problems, etc. 

5.      Discover how to incorporate other inexpensive, innovative treatment techniques into your “therapeutic tool bag” to create individualized client centered treatments that can be motivating, easily integrated clinically, and empower the provider as a new tool for treatment to improve functional outcomes.

6.   Discuss how to effectively document for insurance reimbursement

Who Should Attend

OTs & COTAs, PTs & PTAs, Speech Therapist, Counselors 


Instruction methods:

Power Point, Lecture, Hands on demonstrates, Labs

Instructor Bio


Debbie Fisher received her undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin and a Master’s of Science from Washington University.  In addition to being an occupational therapist for over 18 years, she is a Certified Hand Therapist specializing in treating and teaching over a variety neurological and orthopedic conditions.  She has authored multiple courses and actively teaches around the United States over topics including orthotic fabrication, therapeutic taping, innovative treatments for the upper extremity, therapy on a budget, stroke rehabilitation, and using magic and other performing arts as treatments. 


Together with her husband Cody Fisher, who is an internationally known magician, they have put together a therapy specific program on how to use performing arts in any clinical setting.  Debbie has been published in professional journals and several of her original treatment techniques will be in the upcoming 3rd addition of the text book, Orthotic Intervention for the Hand Upper Extremity by Noelle Austin and Mary Lynn Jacobs.   Her experiences span from providing private consulting for clients around the country, to working in acute care, home care, and outpatient therapy.  She is a contracted speaker for Saebo, Avenna, Rehab Education, Summit, and Select Medical.  She has also been invited to speak for several OT schools, David Copperfield’s Project Magic convention, national and international hand therapy conventions, and several state occupational therapy associations including Alaska, Montana, Texas, and Vermont.

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