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Innovative Treatments For The Hand, Wrist, & Elbow

Innovative Treatments for the Hand, Wrist, and Elbow: Splinting, Taping, and other Unique Modalities for the Orthopedic and Neurological Patient

Many individuals suffer from upper extremity impairments and injuries, limiting their ability to perform normal daily functional activities. Understanding both common orthopedic injuries and neurological impairments will teach any clinician to assess and treat even the most severe patients to improve activities of daily living and obtain the most optimal outcomes. Treating dysfunctions of the upper extremity is a challenge for all levels of clinicians requiring efficient and effective use of evidence-based tests and outcome measures. It is imperative for clinicians in all settings to be able to accurately identify the best objective measures and appropriate treatments to improve function of the upper extremity in their patients.

This comprehensive & interactive workshop not only reviews biomechanics & assessments for the hand, wrist & elbow, but also provides a wealth of creative yet functional treatments that can be easily integrated into the clinical setting and used with pediatric through geriatric populations. Expand your treatment tool box with a variety of evidence- based therapies including taping, splinting, as well as easy- to-master treatment techniques to maximize outcomes when managing pain, swelling, scarring, abnormal sensation, maximizing dexterity, ROM, strength, and proprioception. These strategies can be integrated immediately with little to no expense targeting functional decline for common orthopedic as well as neurological conditions.

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn clinical examination and provocative testing techniques for the hand, wrist, and elbow

  • Live practice session using taping and splinting materials and easy-to-master techniques you can use tomorrow

  • Orthopedic and neurological splinting and fitting techniques to maximize ROM and/or protection

  • Innovative treatment techniques to improve functional performance and ADLs in rehabilitation of the upper extremity

  • Effectively use patient outcome measures required by Medicare and other insurers for reimbursement

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