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Debbie M. Fisher

Debbie Fisher received her undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin and a Master's of Science from Washington University.  In addition to being an occupational therapist for over 18 years, she is a Certified Hand Therapist specializing in treating and teaching over a variety neurological and orthopedic conditions.  She has authored multiple courses and actively teaches around the United States over topics including orthotic fabrication, therapeutic taping, innovative treatments for the upper extremity, therapy on a budget, stroke rehabilitation, and using magic and other performing arts as treatments.  Together with her husband Cody, who is an internationally known magician, they have put together a therapy specific program on how to use performing arts in any clinical setting.  Debbie has been published in professional journals and several of her original treatment techniques will be in the newest release of the text book, Orthotic Intervention for the Hand Upper Extremity by Noelle Austin and Mary Lynn Jacobs.   Her experiences span from providing private consulting for clients around the country, to working in acute care, home care, and outpatient therapy.  She has been invited to speak for several OT schools, David Copperfield's Project Magic convention, national and international hand therapy conventions, and multiple state occupational therapy associations.

Cody S. Fisher

Cody Fisher is one of the most in demand corporate entertainers in the world today! His unique blend of comedy mixed with mind blowing magic has taken him all across the United States and over 20 countries worldwide. After completing multiple science degrees in biology and chemistry from The University Of Texas, Cody decided to pursue a PhD. in biochemistry. After several years of graduate teaching and research in the field of protein crystallography, Cody made an amazing discovery; he wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of a full time career in the entertainment industry! From biochemistry to “biocomedy”; Cody is now a certified laughologist!


Over the years he has won numerous national and international awards for magic, launched his own product line of magical creations, and has even authored several books and DVD’s on the art of magic. He continues to perform and lecture internationally teaching his very unique style of magic to magicians all over the world.

Together with his wife Debbie, they have developed a unique program that uses “sleight of hand” magic as a form of therapy. They lecture at medical colleges, hospitals, and clinics all over the U.S. 

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